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GasOwl is an innovative world-first scale set and App, that measures what is in your LPG gas bottles. You can forget about ordering gas, pay only for what you use, receive useful alerts and notifications, and know about your energy usage. Your gas supplier can be automatically notified when you need gas – so you don’t have to do a thing!
Designed by Kiwis and made in NZ, the set is made up of a communication hub, a pair of beautifully crafted stainless steel GasScales, and an App with choice of plans. GasOwl is fully safety certified and installed by GasFitters.

Forget about ordering!

Don’t be concerned any longer about the gas level in your bottles and when to order. Set GasOwl to auto-reorder with your favourite gas supplier. Or choose the best deal available locally when GasOwl lets you know your bottles are nearly empty. No need to ever experience the inconvenience of running out.

Know about your gas energy usage

GasOwl gives you a live look into your gas bottles! You can see how you’re using bottled gas by day, week, month. Know how many kgs were taken away and how many kgs are in the new bottle. Only pay for what you use!

Receive helpful alerts

GasOwl is always keeping an eye open for anything unusual – higher than normal usage or no usage. You’ll know when your gas is due to arrive (and when to tie up Spot) and when the bottles are removed and replaced.

  • High usage
  • No usage
  • Bottle due to be delivered
  • Bottle removed
  • New bottle arrived

 The benefits of GasOwl:

1. Know how much gas you have left at any time and from anywhere.
2. Avoid running out of gas – without doing anything.
3. Replacement bottles arrive on time.
4. Pay only for gas that you use.
5. Understand your usage patterns.
6. Receive helpful alerts and notifications to unusual usage and bottle changes scheduled and occured.
7. The kit pays for itself in gas savings in 1 to 1.5 years for the average household

Choice of Plans

The subscription to the Premium App is half the price of the usual monthly supply charge for reticulated gas (which is ‘no run-out’).
A ‘Premium’ version of the App provides points 1-6 above and is by far the better deal.
An ‘Essentials’ version of the App is available which only shows the gas level, and all ordering is manually done by the customer.

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