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Low Flow Showerhead

All our reputable brands have low flow shower head options.

Hot Water Recirculation Loop

If you have taps a long way from the hot water system, chances are you waste a lot of water letting the cold water run through before it warms up. Adding a circulating loop and timer can save water and waiting time yet maintain efficiency.
urinal flush sensors

Urinal Flush Sensors

Zenith have a urinal flushing system that has been designed to offer high levels of hygiene as well as producing significant water savings.

Time Flow Taps

Time Flow Taps shut off automatically with no manual contact once the button has been pushed.

Shower Timers

Take control of shower times in your home and save water with a shower timer.

Water Flow Restrictors

A flow restrictor is designed to limit the amount of water that comes out of your tap. You can also use a flow restrictor to reduce the water flow in showers and basin mixers.
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