Gas Detector

Gas Detector


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Gas Detector

A gas detector can monitor your home for the presence of flammable LPG Gas.

The Beagle gas detector by Seitron is hard wired so you don’t need to change batteries. If gas is detected, the device provides audible and visual alarms to alert occupants of a potential gas hazard. This device,  can even turn off the gas supply automatically if you choose to interlock the device to the gas supply. This requires additional valving and wiring but provides the ultimate safety.

Why buying a gas detector is a wise investment

  • Sometimes people get distracted and forget to light the gas hob when the gas has been switched on.
  • Our ability to smell deteriorates with age, so there is an increased risk of being unable to smell gas from a heating or cooking appliance.
  • People with memory issues or people suffering dementia are more likely to forget about leaving a gas appliance on.
  • This model is hard wired and can be integrated for automatic gas shut off.

This Beagle LPG model has an elegant housing with a very compact size (117 X 85 X 38 mm).

Technical Specifications:

  • LPG version (RGD GP5 MP1)
  • Semiconductor sensor
  • 230V~ power supply
  • Acoustic alaram
  • Colored LEDs indicating when the detector is active (green), malfunctioning (yellow), in alarm (red).
  • Alarm test key

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Natural Gas model available on request.

Technical Specification