Designing A New Bathroom and Renovating Your Existing Bathroom

When designing or renovating a bathroom your plumber is the best person to talk to. Plumbers see and repair countless bathrooms, they know what works when it comes to designing a bathroom.

Some bathroom design tips you should consider when thinking about your new or renovated bathroom include:

Carefully consider the layout of your bathroom
It is important to consider the space available in your bathroom. You do not want all your fixtures cramped together in a tiny space with no room to move around in. There are many options in a wide variety of styles available to make the best use of the space available.

Buy quality bathroom fittings
You might think you’re saving money, but buying cheap fittings can cost you more money in the long run. Good quality bathroom products from established brands are always a good investment, and don’t need to be expensive. It is possible to browse and shop for reputable bathroom products online from established companies who will provide good service.

Ensure good storage space in your bathroom
When thinking about your bathroom design you should consider how much storage space you will need. Additional storage space can also be added by using glass shelves and other bathroom accessories.

Consider bathroom accessories carefully
Take your time to choose your bathroom accessories, such as a heated towel rail, cabinets and mirrors etc. They all add to the look of your bathroom.

Ensure you have adequate heating & ventilation
You need adequate airflow through your bathroom. Installing a bathroom heater and an extraction fan is always a good idea as it will make your bathroom more comfortable and will also prevent condensation. Bathroom under floor heating is also worth considering, as it adds a touch of luxurious warmth on cold winter mornings.

Have clear lines of communication with your plumber
Good communication between all parties is always important so the designing and installation of your new or renovated bathroom goes as smoothly as possible. The team at Clyne & Bennie includes plumbers, electricians, gas fitters and drainlayers. We bring many years’ experience to every job. We can work with your builder and sub-contractors to make the process of building or renovating your bathroom easy and stress free, so you get the bathroom design you want.

Take the stress out of bathroom renovations
Not sure how you will cope with having a bathroom out of action while the renovations are carried out? Talk to Clyne & Bennie about a portable bathroom solution to make life simpler.

Take a look at our bathroom checklist which can help with your planning or contact us on 0800 37 47 37 for a free quote and make your dream bathroom a reality.