Quick Electrical Tips for Spring Savings

Spring is a great time to go around the house to check and adjust your heating devices and appliances. Here are some simple things you can do to save money on the power bill.


Check timers

Check the timers and settings on heating appliances

Heated Towel Rails – reduce the amount of time the heated towel rail is on by installing a timer so it only comes on a few hours a day when needed. If you already have a timer, check the settings and adjust for daylight savings hours andthe warmer days.

Heat Pump/Air Conditioners

Check any pre-programmed options and adjust the settings for daylight savings and warmer temperatures.

Underfloor Heating
Remember to adjust the temperature and schedule to suit your requirements or turn it off. Some people keep their underfloor heating on all summer but on a lower temperature that way if you get a cool day your house will still be warm.


Clean out the filter on the washing machine and remove lint from the dryer filter. You may not remember to check it on the odd occasion you need to use it during summer.


Don’t Forget to Check your Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Check and test the batteries of all your smoke alarms better still replace the batteries and write the date on them so you know when you replaced them.